Many Memes are generated during the holiday season proclaiming Negativity on working over the Holiday’s. It’s annoying for healthcare professionals! Too many Rants online, just embrace it because we really have no choice.

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Nurses are not exempt from working Holiday’s as a matter of fact, one of the first things that is discussed when you begin a new position is that you are expected to cover weekends and holidays. It’s all part of the profession, we are prepared and never give it a second thought.


We as nurses tend to look at the “Bright Side” to working a holiday.  And after years in this profession, I decided to list:

The Top 5 Reasons Nurses LOVE to work Holiday’s

#5  Money.

Not usually the #1 reason to like working a holiday but it’s a good enough reason to work. It can add an additional Time and 1/2 to your pay check. Who doesn’t need a little extra money? This meme is the most Shared of them all. And very true, nursing is a career but to think we went into it for the money is Wrong. The reality is, the extra income for holiday pay is ‘nice’ but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Besides nurses plan ahead, it’s spent before we make it 🙂 Let’s be honest…




#4  Festive.

Most and I will quote “most” co-workers and visiting family members are in a festive mood. Some will bring in food and a pot luck ensues in the break room in some situations. The mood is usually upbeat because WHY complain? We’re already here! Besides, interesting things happen on holidays so the chances of becoming bored are usually very Low.


#3 Patient Care

You never know who’s life you will touch during the holiday. Many families are unable to visit and simply touching the life of someone or giving them an encouraging hug and spreading Holiday Cheer will be enough to bring smiles to your patients. Smiles are contagious, so spread the Cheer it can only affect you as a nurse in a positive way.

Caucasian nurse providing healthcare and love to an African American patient in a hospital bednursinglove1


#2 No Cooking

You don’t have to cook, so the mess is at someone else’s house. You get to go home after your shift to a clean Kitchen!



#1 Avoid Annoying Family Members

Maybe it was your family’s turn to join some unpleasant In-Laws, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, or extended family’s house for the holiday. The good stand-by “I’m a nurse, I have to work” always covers those situations and you can rest at ease! Except if you choose to work every holiday, then “I’m a nurse, I have to work” will still cover, and is always the best Excuse anyone can use!

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Happy Holiday’s Everyone!!