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At Lux Travel Nurse, We Are Nurses.

We are here to assist nurses in finding quality jobs, and facilities in filling positions with confidence. We focus on quality secure placements for our clients.

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About Lux Travel Nurse

At Lux Travel Nurse, We Are Nurses. Not only owned and operated by a travel nurse, Our Recruiters are Nurses who have experience in fields ranging from ED, ICU, Med Surge and LTC. The continued experiences of our staff include working as Charge Nurses, Supervisors, Administration as well as Nursing School Faculty.

At Lux Travel Nurse, you can travel in the security of knowing our Staff Understands the healthcare field  inside and out. We collectively have over 50 years of Nursing Experience therefore providing the most Healthcare Educated Agency to our travelers.  Also not to be underestimated, we all come from Generations of Healthcare Providers further instilling our Drive to maintain and continue in this Industry.

Our Mission to the Traveler:  To assist the healthcare provider in finding your dream Job!! Offering direction, knowledge and support.

Our Mission to our Facilities: We service today and in the future: To provide professional, dependable and experienced staff to assist in your needs.

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We are located in the Midwest, but our job placements are across the nation. We have quality and rewarding jobs wherever you want to go.

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We Are Nurses.

At Lux Travel Nurse, We Are Nurses. Not only owned and operated by a travel nurse, Our Recruiters are Nurses who have experience in a wide range of fields.

The Healthcare provider is our #1 priority. We are here to help you find your dream travel job!


Personal Connection

In many cases we have had the opportunity to meet with many of our staff In Person in our Mid West Regions and we pride ourselves on that personal connection.


Our Commitment to Quality Shows

Lux Travel Nurse is one of the favorite travel nurse agencies healthcare providers and facilities prefer to work with.

Our Nurses Love Their Job

Hear what our nurses have to say about Lux Travel Nurse!

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Our mission is to connect healthcare facilities and caring and competent staff. We are owned and operated by nurses, so we understand the needs of both the facilities in staffing, the growing needs of patients, and the needs of our Lux Travel Nurses.

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