Juli Garton

Owner & Founder

Experienced Critical Care RN for 15+ years, and 11 years Travel Nurse focusing on MICU, Trauma ICU and ED.

In 2004 I began Travel Nursing and worked at several facilities nationwide also becoming a ‘staff nurse’ and staying much longer than most Travel Nurses typically would. I continued Traveling until December of 2013 at which time I began the process of starting my own Travel Nurse Agency now known as Lux Travel Nurse Inc.

Exciting and Terrifying all at the same time, since making that decision I’ve devoted myself each day to building this business and doing the preparations necessary to make this Agency successful.

The work involved in starting an Agency is challenging to say the very least, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it and wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead. I’m a very grateful person and my goal will always be to maintain a Low overhead, and provide the Best service and Pay to the Traveling Nurse.

I know what Travel Nurses go through. The perks of being able to take breaks between assignments, focus on our families, take the holidays or summers off, plan ahead and choose Locations!

I also understand the downside of travel nursing. Being away from family, missing friends, or just trying to navigate your way through a new town or city. Knowing that your first day on the job you’ve got 12 hours to prove yourself. There’s a lot of pressure to walk into a new unit and go straight to work. We are the Sink or Swim Staff. We are expected to walk in and work immediately with little to no orientation. I get it.

I’m very excited about this business and prepared for the challenges it will bring! I’m most excited about helping Nurses get to their destinations and be supportive throughout their assignment. I will be available around the clock to assist in any way that I can. We may be a Small Agency, but we are a Smart Agency 😉

Warmest Regards,
Juli Garton RN,BSN
(Wife, Mom, GRANDMA)