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Julianna, LPN

Lux Provides me with the opportunity to explore the Nebraska panhandles surrounding areas while allowing me to serve our rural communities. I appreciate the kind and friendly staff that assist in any day to day questions I may have. The communication between employee and recruiting staff goes above and beyond, the strong connections built leads to stress free transitions between assignments. Thank you Lux for my dream job.


Sharon, LPN

Lux has been a wonderful company to work with, I couldn’t have picked a better Agency! Lynn is an Amazing Recruiter, so attentive and goes above and beyond!”


Nikki, RN

Shel is everything you can ask for in a recruiter. She is knowledgeable, a great support system and  communicator, who does Her Best to get you where you want to go and answer any and all questions along the way.


Sabine, CNA

I Love Lux Travel Nurse!  I joined the team in November 2021 as a brand new traveler and have had a great experience! Regardless of the assignment, my recruiter Lynn is readily available when I have questions or concerns and made the process of joining the Lux Team a breeze!!


Tracy, RN

I just want to say that Lux is a pleasure to work for. Juli is a gem among the rocks and works closely with her Travelers to assist in placing us in a position that is satisfactory. She takes her staff seriously, and goes out of her way to make us feel more like family. Come join our team and become one of the “family.”


Merrie, LPN

I have been employed with Lux Travel Nurse for the past 6 1/2 years. Juli has been one of the best employers I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have. She’s easy to work for, goes the extra mile for her employees and ensures they are set up for success.


Michele LPN

Flexible hours, high rate of pay and Overtime offered.


Vianney, CNA

When I decided to start Traveling with Lux Travel Nurse I was extremely nervous and had no I idea where to begin. Patrick was amazing at explaining how everything works and what contracts would be in my best interest! The quick and personable responses made me feel so comfortable working for Lux. Patrick always has his recruits backs and puts us first. So blessed to be apart of his team!


Karen, RN

Being employed with Lux Travel has been such an amazing opportunity. I’m getting such great experience that will benefit me throughout my nursing career. Juli’s  commitment, experience, integrity and passion for travel nursing makes Lux Travel a great company to work for!

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