STARBUCKS! Is Everywhere…Thank Goodness because we are Travel Nurses, and we need to keep it Wide Eyed and Alert.

When traveling across country, I’m always on the look out for a Starbucks. If you have time and want to experiment on making a favorite drink or dessert, here’s a couple of recipes to make at home. Thank you to my daughter Jacqueline Garton for whipping up 2 of my Fav’s, Caramel Machiatto and Birthday Cake Pops.

Need to keep the caffeine plentiful and available! As nurses, no matter if you’re day shift or night shift, a 3 0’clock  sweet tooth Always needs dealt with. Make a bunch of birthday cake pops and take to work to share,  It’s a nice and less expensive way to indulge in a Starbucks Favorite.

Ingredients for Pops:



Birthday Cake Pops:

Follow instructions on a white cake mix and cook as directed.

Scoop out the baked cake into a bowl and mix with fork


Add  in 3/4 c. of cream cheese frosting and mix thoroughly


Roll into balls and let chill in fridge for up to 1 hour until firm

Melt package of white chocolate chips in double boiler until creamy, add Red food coloring to desired color


Dip the chilled cake balls using cake pop sticks into the white chocolate and add sprinkles then let cool on wax paper

Store in Refrigerator up to 3 days or Freezer up to one Month

Ingredients for Coffee:


Caramel Machiatto:

Brew coffee

Drizzled caramel in cup plus 2 tbs. and Add:


Chilled Coffee

Splash of milk

1/4 tsp. vanilla

Top with Whip Cream and Caramel Sauce


Sweet Tooth Handled 🙂 Thanks Jac