April 28th, 2016 marks the One Year Anniversary of Lux Travel Nurse Inc!!




I began earning my first $1 by entering into a facility working as an RN for my own agency on this very day, just one year before. What started as myself, being the Only employee, has grown to 12 Nurses working in contracts and per diem at 7 facilities, and a total of 13 employees!! Whaaaaaat?????

It took a grueling 18 months to get my agency up and running which included a lot of determination, delegation, time management and research to make it happen. If you only KNEW!!! This wasn’t a simple task, you don’t just toss up a Travel Nurse Agency overnight. Placing Nurses into one of the most well known and respected buildings on the planet, Hospitals and LTC facilities, was quite a feat! I’ve seen just about everything that I imagined could happen, most certainly did happen in this first year.

I have learned so much, and some of which I didn’t realize prior to starting! Good thing I didn’t know, I may not have done it. But for whatever reason I was put on this path to be where I’m at today by pushing through some really strong brick walls to get here. “Oh, there’s a wall there? Or a slammed door?” I just simply busted them down and walked right through because there truly was no stopping me. The more negativity I faced the more “No’s” I heard, the harder I would push.

There’s a slang I’ve used  that I took from a co worker during my travel days, “Yes, I invented Walnuts”. That’s what everyone thought I was trying to convey when I would tell them I’m going to open a Travel Nurse Agency. Necks tilted, eyes bulged, eyebrows up to the heavens looking at me as if I had lost my mind. I knew I could do it, I wanted this Agency, I wanted to work for myself, and I wanted this to be an extension of my Nursing Career.

I had some amazing years as a travel nurse and know first hand what it’s like to enter a facility and work like you’ve been there forever. There’s no other job on this earth that can compare to travel nursing. It’s rewarding and offers a change of pace for the ‘burned out’ nurse who can have options to work at various facilities. I am so grateful to have a successful business! Through Faith and Perseverance, I turned this idea to start my Own Agency into Reality!

I’m looking forward to the years ahead with Lux Travel Nurse, my Pride and Joy, and what I worked so hard to start! I will continue assisting facilities and providing nurses with options, flexibility and great pay. What’s next to come? My plans are to take all of my efforts, experience and knowledge, all of my note taking, and all of the OMG moments and put it down to include the Scrapes, Bruises and Love into the form of Book.  Because if I can do it? Work for myself and hire a few Awesome nurses to work with me, then so can anyone else!  Stay Tuned!!!!