Is there such a thing as an Elevator to Success? Because I don’t mind taking the stairs at-all.

Think back to the moment you decided to go into nursing. What was the drive that put you there? Was it the idea of a faced paced Emergency Room, or becoming a Neonatal Intensive Care  Unit Nurse caring for premature babies, Long Term Care facility caring for the elderly, or just the thought of being a nursing professional that offers a wide variety of positions and expertise in many fields of healthcare?

Who was your focus group when you entered into nursing school? Who was your mentor? Whether RN, LPN or CNA, everyone had a purpose in becoming a nurse. What were your career goals? Were you even sure? Or did you think you would stay put in one place forever and never branch out?

At a certain point in everyone’s nursing career we have all questioned ourselves. Burn-Out being the #1 cause of either walking away from nursing, or furthering your education and looking for other forms of Nursing Leadership in hopes of leaving the clinical environment.

This blog isn’t about giving anyone advice or some sort of idea on how to transform your career into your ideal work environment, rather than focusing on where you’re at now. Developing social skills to promote a better working atmosphere and helping You to feel successful in your current position.

Keepin’ it Classy


We are Nurses and without a doubt, we have Many co-workers to contend with. In this environment comes a buffet of  different personalities  and some of those don’t play well together. It’s a Fact that we are hard on each other’s skills, knowledge, work ethic, sustainability (they’ll NEVER make it) and the list goes on and on…

How do you see yourself professionally? If you’re entered into daily conversation of complaining, here’s what they’re really saying, “Here they come, what are they going to do wrong today?” or, “Here they come, what are they going to Bitch about today?” I’m just keeping it real. Who do you look up to?

Do you look up to those who are accountable? The Less is More person can be very appealing to co-workers. Those that are being accountable to their jobs, their patients, their co-workers, themselves, the ones you can approach that you trust with your concerns, the ones who have a dilemma and go right to the source and not hash it out in the break-room. I’ve been a nurse a long time,  and I’ve BEEN in the Break Room.

Keep it classy, you’ll gain much more respect and your job will be more fulfilling in the process. This is our career as nurses, we need to treat the nursing profession with pride and respect. Be helpful to others, ask questions if you’re unsure, don’t offer advice, take a listening approach, assist when you see there’s a need, make it a learning experience instead of an “I’ll Show You!” experience. I wouldn’t offer advice to a Track Coach on how to win the meet, and I wouldn’t expect to receive nursing advice from them in return!

Stay within your limits and knowledge. And when offering help, Keep it Classy in your delivery. It’s your sub-conscience speaking (we all have one), listen to it.

Workplace Gossip

Think about the number of times you’ve witnessed or taken part in workplace gossip. What did you get out of it? Does it help to get through the day? It doesn’t necessarily take the spot light off of you, it really can put you on Blast. We’ve all done it and we will all continue to do it because we’re NURSES!

We sometimes don’t like each other, we definitely don’t like that Doctor, and Administration? Uuuugh…somebody should Fire them all!! Start at the top and chop that whole tree down!

It causes pure misery and nurses will leave in droves based on opinions of others. Does that help? No, then you’re left with a skeleton crew and now working 60 hours a week to cover your needs. Take Gossip seriously, try not to engage in ill-intended criticism that’s meant to hurt, more than help.

How Far Do You Want To Go In Your Career?

Well, that all depends on how you want to present yourself to others. BE yourself, but be mindful of what your ultimate goals are. Make a career plan with specific goals and timelines of when you expect to have them accomplished. Stay focused on that path, don’t let the BUMPS in the road discourage or instill doubt or fear into your plan.

To sum up, your own idea of success for yourself is what will ultimately bring you happiness. Sometimes as simple as just being happy at work is enough of a goal to work towards. Who enjoys being Dreadful of going to work day in and day out? Then don’t GO!  GET back to a career plan and make yourself happy and successful. And of course there’s always Plan B, wait until you hit the lottery then Everyone’s worries will be gone Forever!! We chose this career, how happy we are and what we do with it is our decision. Do whatever it takes.

Psst, there’s no elevator. Plan on taking the stairs.